Five tips for opening a fruit juice bar

Five tips for opening a fruit juice bar

The industrial trend for the juice bar began to develop in the mid -the 1990s. Consumers concerned about the products they consume want to quickly drink healthy and energetic drinks. Some brands have taken hold of this new “healthy” mode of consumption, a hit.

Do you have good interpersonal skills and like to introduce others to new taste experiences? Does the idea of setting up a leaked project inspire you and fill you with joy? Why not create your juice bar? Such a project will require a significant investment on your part, but once the administrative and organizational obstacles have been overcome, you will be absorbed by this challenge!

Discover five tips for opening a juice bar …

(N ° 1) Find a concept of juice

Before investing in equipment, you have to think of a juice concept that would attract many employees, students, tourists at lunchtime or even in the evening. Each juice food bar has its specialty: Natural Groove has set up one of the first food drinks, a company sells organic juices in unique, authentic decor, By offers vegetable juices to its customers, some presents gluten-free seasonal juices or Shake Eat which makes passers-by taste tonic juices thanks to fusion cuisine, etc. These juices finally come in several concepts: detox, delight, etc.

To find a juice concept that you could develop, you need to analyze the fruit juice that sells the best in a particular geographic area. It is also imperative to find a relevant audience and to adapt to its target. By marketing fruit juices, you are targeting athletes who promote a healthy diet, young children and students, women who want to take care of themselves, as well as pregnant women who turn to natural products. Finally, for funding issues, the ingredients used will be frozen, organic, from sustainable agriculture., etc.

(N ° 2) Anticipate costs

Before setting up your juice bar, it is necessary to acquire equipment.

The most important investment refers to the acquisition of commercial premises. It is necessary to foresee the real estate cost, which will be evaluated between 20,000 and 50,000 $—the room measures’ average size between 10 and 30m². The latter can be bought or rented. If the premises have been purchased, you will have freedom in the choice of design and decoration. The appearance should attract and make consumers want to consume in your juice bar.

It is essential to forecast the cost of supplies. First, the ingredients: the cost of these depends on their quality. They will be cheaper if they are frozen and vice versa if they are organic. Be careful not to buy too many groceries at once, as fresh ingredients quickly perishable. Second, the cost of industrial kitchen equipment. The latter refers to the acquisition of mixers juicers, juicers, refrigerated containers, jar rinses, cup dispensers, etc.

The investment is very high at start-up, this is due to the price of the rent of the commercial premises, the salaries of the employee (s), the purchases of raw materials, etc.

(N ° 3) Find a good location

Undertaking tourism, particularly in a fruit juice bar, involves finding an accessible and visible location in a high-traffic area. It is necessary to market juices in premises located at high traffic axes such as a leisure center, a shopping center, a university campus, a fitness center, etc.

(N ° 4) Establish your pricing

The average price of juice in Paris is around $ 6. The juice bars offer smoothies, organic or non-organic juices with prices between 4 and 8 $. Some bars are in partnership with local producers, associations, etc.

While outside the metropolises, smaller towns offer small-sized juices around $ 3, medium-sized at $ 3.75, and large-sized juices close to $ 5.

(N ° 5) Find out about the administrative procedures to follow

First, it is imperative to choose a legal status and legally declare your business to the center for business formalities (CFE).

To develop your commercial activity, you will have to buy goodwill or acquire a right to lease if you become the rental contract owner or even buy the premises.

A juice bar only sells non-alcoholic drinks. Since June 2011, the sale of non-alcoholic drinks no longer requires a license. However, if you want your drinks to be taken away, it is imperative to contact your town hall to obtain a take-out license.

You must register and pay the annual fee if you choose to play music in your bar. The construction of a terrace requires authorization from the town hall. To obtain the authorization, you will have to pay a fee, the price of which depends on the size of the terrace, the number of pedestrians on the street, the exhibition, etc.

To run an effective business, you may contact a juice bar business plan.

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