Four Steps to Name your Nail Salon

This four-step procedure will help you define a name for your nail salon. In this example, I have chosen names that exemplify beauty as well as trends. Here is each step I used to define these business names.

1) Think about ideas of names

Thinking about words that could represent your business or brand is essential – it’s the word that comes to people’s minds when they think of your Nail Salon Business Plans. I decided to use words like “Classic,” and “Stuffed” to show something beautiful and fashionable but also classic and stylish.

2) Preselect your ideas

Once you’ve established your list of potential names, analyze your ideas. Remove names that seem difficult to remember, spell or say aloud. Keep only the names that can become a brand that sounds good that stands out, and that communicate the values ​​of your brand, product, and service to your target audience.

Here’s a quick little list you can submit your ideas to help narrow your list of names:

  • Does the name convey a relevant meaning?
  • Does the name avoid overused words and clichés?

3) Get feedback

You should now have a list of 3-6 excellent names for your nail salon, and you can start asking for feedback from potential clients and people who work in the industry (your target audience). Avoid feedback from family and friends; they will surely praise you for your ideas and are not your customers.

Ask many questions such as:

How would you spell it?

Along with the feedback from your customers, you may also ask yourself if the name is relevant. And does it represent your business the way you envision it?

4) Check availability

It would be wonderful to have at this point at least three names for your nail salon on your list, in case some are already taken. You can do a quick online business name search to confirm if your name is available in your country and check if the name is also available for Trademark and Domain Name Registration.

Competitor name analysis

To help you think of potential business names, look at the names of three successful nail salons. List why and how they chose this name and why it works for them.

Five tips for defining a name for your nail salon

At the same time, the ideal company name should be simple, striking, and convey meaning.

Here are five things to consider when coming up with a business name:

1. Perform a competitive analysis

Carrying out a competitive analysis as a starting point will save you a lot of time in the future. Knowing which names to avoid and understanding why and how their business names have worked will help you form your names. When studying the competition, consider these points:

What company or product values ​​do they convey in their name? How does it work?

Is there a trend in what these companies are called? You have to avoid sounding like “just another one of these businesses”.

2. Focus on the name OF your business, not a description.

Most companies fall into the trap of literally describing their name, using overused terms. A better-performing company name should convey your company and product values ​​to the customer on a more detailed level. Try to make your business name have a story. Take the example of a real company called “Beauty Stack”.

A business name denotes a beauty store that stacks up the elements and is also classic and eye-catching without actually under-selling their products or services.

3. How to create a memorable name

Creating a strong business name is the first step in getting into customers’ minds and is easier said than done. Your name should appeal to the customer and make them think about your product rather than the competition. Here are some tips for creating a name that stands out:

Use rhythmic pronunciation or alliteration

Try to appeal to a word that wouldn’t be punchy out of context (The Golden File: out of context, File means official document. But in this context, it refers to the instrument used to smooth and readjust nails) Keep it short and simple.

4. Try to buy a business name that can become a brand

Company names that can become brands are names that don’t make sense but are easy to read and pronounce. These word structures are generally short, attractive, and easy to pronounce and remember. For example, here are the names of Nail Salons that can become brands:

  • Aurora Nails
  • Nautical Nails

5. Avoid combining words to create only a unique name.

Other mistake business owners usually make creating the wrong word combinations when they realize their ideal name is already taken. For example, if it was planned to use the name Prim and Polished, you later found out that the name was already taken. Start over from the beginning and use the above steps to generate a new name instead of just choosing something like P and P that wouldn’t do your business justice.

You realize that these ideas are a step backward since they are not catchy, easy to pronounce, or striking. In this kind of situation, we suggest that you start the process from scratch and try the tips mentioned before.

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Is going on an organized trip a good or bad idea?

While some more adventurous people like to think outside the box and visit their destination country at their own pace, vacationers looking for comfort prefer to opt for organized trips. Indeed, going on a group trip offers the advantage of being guided from start to finish, even if it is a formula that is not free of drawbacks either.

For a rental car is also an excellent option. If are traveling in Pakistan, you can rent a car in Islamabad from Carlay Car Rental. It is a well-known car rental agency.


One of the benefits of this form of trip is that it is entirely coordinated by a corporation. From transport to various tours, including catering, every detail is prepared in advance. It is therefore not necessary to rent a car, to look for the right addresses or to fumble in the menus, the meals are often already ordered, which saves time, avoids falling ill, and makes better use of the visits.

The knowledge in advance and in detail of the trip also reassures a number of travelers and allows to leave peacefully. This alternative is ideal for family trips, especially since the security problem no longer arises.

Traveling in a community also allows you to meet new people. It is a nice choice for single people. All activities are generally thought out in this group spirit, and meals are taken together in a friendly atmosphere.

Depending on the agency, this type of trip can be tailor-made if the participants come from the same entity. This alternative provides you with a well-filled travel diary customised to the group’s unique needs.

Group travel also gives the opportunity to discover places and regions that we would not necessarily have thought of by going alone. Travel professionals know each destination very well and trusting them avoids missing out on the most interesting sights.

In addition, the cost is undoubtedly one of the attractions of this tour. Some charges, such as transportation, are shared while others, such as meals, are negotiated in advance by the agency, which significantly reduces the total price of the trip .

Finally, it is sometimes more pleasant to let yourself be guided by a professional who knows the key sites than to waste time looking in books or finding a good local guide. In general, the guides offered by the agencies have a perfect command of the places, know the cost of entry to the various sites and sometimes enjoy privileges allowing them to avoid the queue, even in high season. The risk of getting lost or being swindled is therefore much lower.

The inconvenients

Among the disadvantages of group travel, it is necessary to note the timetables and fixed dates. This constraint does not always appeal to all travelers. The departure and return date as well as the timetables are established in advance by the agency, and you will have to comply with them. Likewise, the schedule is fixed. The circuits and the different routes are presented to you in advance, and the chances of having some flexibility are slim.

Don’t expect to follow your own pace and schedule breaks between visits, either. The tone is set from the start by the agency, and the itinerary is respected so as sometimes to speed up visits and not to fall behind or to be able to include many activities as possible in the stay.

Generally, the group trip is a fairly standard formula. All the participants rarely share the same centers of interest and the agency must satisfy the group to the detriment of particular desires. As a result, visits are often limited to the most touristic and well-known places. With such a program, people wanting to better understand the culture of the country or to meet the locals can find themselves a little frustrated.

You must also be careful because health & repatriation insurance is not always included in this type of offer. It is advisable to be well informed beforehand and to take the necessary measures to avoid any disappointment.

Going on a group trip is an interesting alternative for meeting new people, getting away from it all at low cost, and not wasting time organizing your stay. On the other hand, active vacationers who seek adventure, authenticity, and contact with the population above all may be disappointed by this formula. It’s up to you to see if this is an offer suited to your profile. Even if a group start is more reassuring, it is important to be covered in case of an emergency. 

SEO in 2021: the key trends for successful SEO

We all know that a business’s success today largely depends on its visibility online. To be visible, companies must have a well-targeted and well-organized marketing campaign.

These days, a marketing campaign cannot be successful without putting in place proper SEO based on best practices and best SEO trends. The technology and algorithms of search engines keep changing and improving. The way people search the Internet is also changing.

Now is the time for you to update yourself with the SEO trends that are likely to be trending in 2021 for know more click here. Some of the old SEO trends will be around forever. However, every business must familiarize themselves with and put in place certain practices that will be decisive on SEO in 2021.

Google and other search engines have announced major changes to how websites rank in 2021. In this article, we walk you through some practical steps to a successful SEO strategy for 2021.

Local SEO

Local search helps a lot in getting potential customers to search for a local product or service. Research shows that local searches account for over 65% of online searches. If you do not take action to customize your website for the local hunt, your company will lose out on it. As the mainstream trend persists, consumers will want quicker results and savings in 2021. A new trend will be to look for the local offer, like a florist or the nearest gym. Searching at search engines of the 21st century would emphasize local search to prioritize local businesses in 2021. do seo of your site like union complex.

You can customize your website for your local search benefits by:

  • You are getting your Google My Business page sorted.
  • We are developing local landing pages for (a certain town, city, area).
  • Remember, local SEO is for all types of businesses, regardless of size.

Mobile optimization

Mobiles are now the preferred devices for research. Studies show that over 85% of people use the mobile phone for research.

Google also announced that in 2021, all sites would be indexed on mobile-first (Mobile-First). Given that your website’s ranking in search results is suffering, you should customize your website for cell phones to optimize your website’s ranking in search results.

You have to make your website mobile-friendly to achieve higher Google rankings for 2021. The benefit of having a mobile-friendly website goes beyond higher search engine rankings; it also makes it easy for your target customers to search and find you.

Also, you need to make sure that your website loads quickly on mobile. These days people hate to wait and want results quickly. Since slow downloads and delays irritate people, you need to make sure your site doesn’t have such irritants to destroy the customer experience.

Essential web signals

Google will apply in 2021 new ranking signals, called Core Web Vitals, which will focus on measuring user experience (UX).

Optimizing the quality of the user experience is the key to the long-term success of any website. If you use web analytics to your benefit, this information will help you measure your website experience. Based on this information, you will be able to find opportunities to improve.

Core Web Vitals are metrics that apply to all web pages. Each of these signals represents a distinct facet of user experience, is measurable in the field, and reflects the real-world experience of a user-centric critical result.

The metrics that make up essential web signals will change over time. The current settings will apply in 2021, focuses on three aspects of user experience: page load time, interactivity, and visual stability. The set includes the following metrics (and their respective thresholds):

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): measures loading performance. To provide a good user experience, LCP must occur within 2.5 seconds of the start of the page load.
  • First Input Delay (FID): measures interactivity. To ensure a sustained user experience and keep it easy for the user, pages should have quick load times.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): tests the visual stability. To provide a good digital experience, pages should maintain a Flash-free/Flash-non lethal below 1.

User-centric optimization

As said before, SEO ranking factors will be user experience-driven in 2021. And you need to properly track your visitors to readjust as needed. For example, do you need to know when people come to your website? How do they react? How long do they stay there? Are they visiting more pages than your home page? Etc.

In 2021, you can expect Google to see user behavior as an important part of its ranking criteria. And the conventional “SEO” strategies are also likely to play a significant role, while at the same time, content marketing would also play a more powerful role.

There are a few things to watch that one should do on their own. If you look at your Google analytics to decide how many users are bouncing from the website, you’ll be able to see what content is receiving the most exposure and what pages aren’t getting any traffic. Using the data you get from observation, you can optimize your website for a better user experience, which will help you with Google rankings in 2021.

When optimizing your website for users, you can introduce A / B testing, including fine-tuning the landing pages around the site based on the analytics results.

Google My Business (GMB)

Through updates to your business profile on the Google My Business page, you can ensure that people who search for your business inside the Google Maps app can get the most up to date data on your business.

In 2021, you should consider the Google My Business page as a powerful tool. It lets your target customers know your specific details like your address, phone number. It also contains customer reviews, helping you not only to protect your business but also to attract more leads.

Voice search

The trend of people performing voice searches is steadily increasing. According to studies, voice searches account for over 25% of all searches, and the trend shows signs of increasing.

So, how to react to your SEO strategy for 2021? It will help if you are using long-tail keywords. For example, instead of using the search query – “professional SEO services,” you can use – “what are the best professional SEO services in New York?” This is a more conversational and relaxed query and helps local search considerably.

You can also expect the revolutionary waves of AI in digital marketing to significantly influence the growing importance of voice search.

This will help if you are preparing to optimize your website for voice search, as this should be a key ranking prerequisite for 2021.

Quality of website content

You can be assured that high-quality content will play a crucial role in your SEO ranking in 2021. When posting articles and blogging on your website, please don’t waste time making sure they are of the highest quality.

As an explanation, when one looks at Google, they should bear in mind that Google only gives priority and spends time on the content of relevance and completeness.

Video content

If you do not integrate a video into your website, you are sure to be playing catch up with the latest search trends in 2021. It is entirely possible you won’t already be aware that video content can multiply the rate—a six-fold increase in conversion from nonvideo content to video.

When you embed video content on your website, people will enjoy watching some of it to increase the interaction rate. Google would rate the page higher when it is clicked on because of the increased web traffic.

8 SEO factors to focus on in 2020

For several years, SEO has been at the center of the problems of most websites. And believe us, it’s not about to change.

With the emergence of new ways to be “be discovered” by prospects, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work of a website is still important (social networks, among others).

Like the developing environment, though, the SEO giant Google’s requirements are also growing and determine the guidelines to be followed exactly in line with almost the world’s number 1 search engine.

1. The architecture of the website

This is the basis of your website. The architecture will define its structure and how it will behave with Internet users and search engines.

You have to consider the structure concerning the tree structure, categories, and pages to define your visitors’ ideal routes. By optimizing these routes and thinking of the site for your Internet users, you respect Google’s number one rule, which is not to think of the algorithm but of the people who browse your website.

This work is to be done from the site’s design to lay a solid foundation and then provide the depth of content.

2. The content and its structure

The content precisely, let’s talk about it.

If a large part of your natural referencing will be played on the content, you offer and its relevance, this content’s editorial line, and structure are essential.

Therefore, you need to know what to say and how to say it to your audience while respecting a guideline in your speaking. To address the possible questions that Internet users can have on Google, pages must be designed to feed the argument and serve your voice. content of your site should be well manage like union complex.

3. The Title tag

Please think of the Title tag, which will complete your page and indicate to Google its indications.

This tag, placed in your page hierarchy’s pole position, will dictate to the engine the page’s subject and its semantic orientation.

4. Inbound links (or backlinks)

Inbound connections, or backlinks, are important in a natural referencing technique, no matter how hard we strive to eliminate them.

In the search engine’s eyes, they grant the pages they connect with additional legitimacy and reputation.

Obviously, and we’re never going to quit saying that, a strategy for backlinks must be created. In the past, where quantity was important, now consistency comes first, and in both directions!

5. The “HTTPS” for proof of security

While most websites should be a norm, you soon find that many pages have not taken the fold. Although it is important to denote the protected component on-site, few websites take the time to set up this protocol from the SSL certificate (necessary to benefit from HTTPS).

6. The legitimacy of your domain

Via this credibility, two related conditions can be evoked to allow a site to acquire control over time.

The legitimacy of a domain by its experience and history will make it possible to gain the search engine’s confidence. This is partly why it takes time (minimum six months) for a website to begin to position itself and to offer organic results.

Legitimacy can often be viewed from the viewpoint of the topics to be discussed by the field.

To densify your presence on a specific subject, it must be approached from all angles, with a diversity in the vocabulary and treatment angles.

Thus, the website and its domain will gain relevance and be considered more credible than search engines with Internet users.

7. The speed of the website

How to speak about a website’s efficiency and natural referencing without pace being mentioned?

It is paramount in Google’s decisions, and its decision to launch AMP technology goes in the direction of speeding uplink times to web pages, especially through smartphones.

Suppose today you have to worry about one dimension concerning your site. In that case, it is its multi-device accessibility and the connection speed to it, whether it is to access it or to circulate on it.

Whether it is its structure, animations, or the management of your files (images, videos), everything must be controlled and optimized to simplify access to the various pages with all types of Internet connections.

Never forget: while a website’s pace may affect your SEO, it has a much greater influence on internet users’ actions by which a website is used a few seconds too long can be prohibitive.

It would be a shame to work on your visibility, traffic, and acquisition to spoil all these efforts because of your website’s performance.

8. Social signals

At the beginning of the article, social networks have taken an important place among many Internet users and are part of Google’s criteria.

Because of their preponderance on the Internet, it is normal to consider that their impact is increasingly important in natural referencing.

Whether it is thanks to the traffic they generate, the interactions on the posts, or the authority they confer on companies, their impact should not be neglected in your SEO work.

So remember to work well on your presence on social networks relevant to your audiences and integrate them into your daily business communication.

In the end, we have only drawn up here eight criteria among the 200 taken into account by Google in its algorithm. Suppose we wanted to put some of them in perspective. In that case, you must educate yourself and consider as many criteria as possible while keeping in mind that the final content must be thought of for your visitors, whether in the background like in the form.

Are you looking for an SEO expert, do contact a Digital Marketing Company In Pakistan.

Web design vs Web Development:

You often hear people say that they are either “web designer” or “web developer”. Some qualify as both web designers and web developers. Indeed, you have never looked for the difference between these two trades. For you, you need a web design company to design your website.

Although it would be really interesting to look into the matter, even though these two professions are complementary, they have many differences. So you need to know which professional to call the next time you have specific needs.

Discover in 5 essential points the fundamental differences between the profession of web designer and that of a web developer.


The first element on which we base ourselves to distinguish between the designer and the web developer is their work.

The mission of the web designer is to manage the graphics and design of a website. Its role is to create a look for the site. It is he who gives the external appearance that the site will take on. He, therefore, designs the visual aspect of the site, from the layout to the graphics.

It selects the appropriate colors, typography, and shapes for each site. The profession of a web designer, therefore, requires a mastery of creation software and creativity.

The web developer, on the other hand, is dedicated to the interior aspect of the site. It builds the skeleton of the website. He will use specific computer languages ​​to write the code for the site.

It defines the different functionalities and ensures good navigation for the future user. He must therefore know computer languages ​​and show a lot of logic.


The other thing that differentiates the two professions is their purpose.

The web designer will be judged by the visual impact of the site and its appearance. The colors, shapes, and typography must go well together and comply with the defined graphic charter.

For the web developer, it is quite different. Its role is to create an ergonomic site and improve the user experience as much as possible, which is reflected in how the site is perceived and felt by its users.

If the Internet user must be reassured by the ease of navigation, the adaptation to any support, whether mobile, tablet, or large screen, and the site’s credibility, it is the web developer’s responsibility.


In terms of skills, we need a web designer to be creative and artistic. He must imagine designs that will appeal to the user, whatever his profile and aspirations.

On the other hand, the web developer is led to use his logic and his analysis to improve the functionality of the site. union complex is a good example of a well optimise website design and development.

The tool

The other element that will differentiate the web designer from the web developer is their later use in their work.

The web designer generally uses graphic design software, the best known: Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. All from the Adobe family.

The web developer, meanwhile, will dive into the lines of code. It uses different computer languages ​​as needed. Usually, this is PHP, .NET, Python, HTML, or even CSS.

The cognitive

The web designer uses his creativity, his intuition, and his imagination a lot. He’s the kind of person who loves graphics and art in general. He, therefore, mainly uses the right part of his brain.

Which is the complete opposite of the web developer. The latter will especially appeal to his left brain. He pays a lot of attention to detail to create a suitable and technically efficient code.

You now know what to do for your website and who to call depending on the concerns you encounter.

Beyond all these differences, the web designer and developer have the same goal: to create a visually appealing site but at the same time functional. That’s why most of the time, they work together. In certain instances, the web developer incorporates the graphical elements created by the web designer into the website code.

Besides, we find more and more web designers who convert to web developers and vice versa. Nothing, therefore, prevents the same person from putting on the mantle of both trades.

13 useful tips for car rental

The combination of a cheap flight ticket with a good car rental deal is a pleasant start for a relaxing holiday. Renting a car gives you the freedom to come and go wherever you want and take scenic road trips through the country of your destination. If you want to rent a car in Karachi or any other city, read these 13 useful tips for car rental.

1. Check for damage

Check before you leave, whether or not together with the rental company, whether the car has been damaged. Have any existing damage included in the contract. This way, you avoid being held liable for damage that you did not cause.

2. Photograph the car at the beginning and end

Having to pay for non-existent damage or parking fines that have never been issued, it happens that you have to pay for things that cannot be credited to your account. Therefore, photograph the rental car when it is picked up, report damage immediately (before departure), and take pictures of the car after the holiday.

3. Read and keep the lease carefully

The rental contract contains all the agreements made, such as who is driving the car, who is renting it out, the type of car, mileage on departure, the rental period and existing damage, agreed period, and contact details in the event of damage or technical problems. Make sure that it also clearly states who is driving the car; you are insured for those people, not for those who are not listed as a driver.

4. Read driver age conditions

Check carefully whether all drivers of the rental car meet the requirements of the lessor. Some rental companies have a minimum age for the driver. Sometimes someone has to have a driving license for a certain period of time to be able to rent a car.

5. Credit card required with sufficient credit

You must have a credit card to rent a car. The credit card guarantees the deposit, the deductible, the compensation of any damage, or the payment of traffic fines. The car rental company usually requests authorization to collect such amounts.

Important! When picking up the car, make sure that there is sufficient credit on your credit card so that you can pay the deposit (often around 1000 euros). Otherwise, you will not get the car! You will not be the first to happen.

6. Additional insurance for rental car and deductible

Travel insurance does not cover damage to a rental car and property and personal injury caused by an accident. This requires additional insurance. Take a good look at the options that the car rental company offers. Also, determine how high you want the deductible to be. A lower deductible means a higher rental price.

7. Paying car rental

Pay afterward or in advance; the deposit will in any case, be (temporarily) collected directly via credit card. The costs are usually settled afterward, But this differs per car rental company.

8. View the Terms and Conditions

Usually, whole epistles that do not invite you to read, but it is still smart to go through the AV with a cup of coffee. This way, you avoid surprises.

9. Bring valid identity papers

Make sure you have a valid identity document when you pick up the car, for yourself but also for any other drivers.

10. Damage and technical problems, the emergency number at hand

In case of technical problems, contact the emergency number or the car rental company immediately. Do not go to a garage on your own to have the car repaired. That way you avoid having to pay yourself and that the costs increase even more.

11. Return on time and with a full tank

Make sure you return the car at the agreed time at the agreed place. If you cannot save the time or if you want a different return location, please let the rental company know in time. And make sure there is enough gasoline in the car, at least the amount as agreed. Handing in with a full tank is normal. If you do not do this, it will cost you fuel costs plus additional service costs.

12. Check the final bill

Perhaps an open door, because checking a bill to be paid is always good. You almost always pay a deposit, this amount is in most cases later deducted from the costs incurred. Check whether this is correct.

13. Pay attention to credit card charges

It happens that amounts are incorrectly debited (the deposit) after renting a car; check this carefully! In principle, you can reclaim this through your credit card company, with the correct proof.

9 SEO techniques to get clients in wealth management in 2020

Are you a wealth management consultancy and want to get clients effortlessly?

You are in the right place.

I will give you nine techniques to appear in the first Google search results to get customers regularly and, above all, effortlessly.

With more than 3,500 independent projects of SEO services in Lahore, competition is fierce.

No more prospecting, cold calling, emails (especially since the GDPR); you have to differentiate yourself.

If I told you that clients would come to you with these techniques and no longer the other way around, what do you think?

Natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is in 2020, the best way for an independent wealth management consultant to attract prospects to your website.

Here are the 9 “SEO Wealth Management” techniques to attract clients.

1. Track and measure your data using Google Analytics & Search Console

Before starting anything, it is essential to monitor and measure the marketing actions you are going to take.

For this reason, you must first make sure you install Google Analytics on your website. The WordPress plugin is easy to use and simple to install.

Then you must then have your site verified by Google Search Console. This step is very important and is often forgotten.

Thus, thanks to these two analysis tools, you will be able to collect all the data necessary to help you determine whether your marketing campaign is on the right track or not.

2. Create and optimize your Google My Business page

If you want to increase your visibility on Google locally and even nationally, you MUST register your wealth management firm with Google My Business.

Any establishment listed by Google must be verified via a postal letter. It may take a few days up to two weeks to receive an envelope directly at your practice, including a validation code.

When filling out your My Google Business listing, be sure to add as much information as possible:

Add as many good quality photos as possible of your practice: interior, exterior, etc.

The name, address, and phone number must match exactly what is listed on your website.

Finally, write a small paragraph that describes your services and what makes you a Wealth Management Consulting firm different from others.

If you have several firms across Pakistan or elsewhere, you will have to repeat this process for each address. Google My Business offers the possibility of managing your different addresses from a single dashboard.

3. Register your firm in the web directories of your sector

Once your Google My Business is ready, it’s time to get your website listed on what is called high-quality web directories.

You can submit your information to these web directories at each site individually, or you can also use Yext or Moz, which will speed up the process.

4. Perfect SEO optimization of your website

It always comes back to the basics. I could never stress enough the importance of having an on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website’s pages, optimized to the maximum.

Imagine changing the roof of a house to a new one except for the rest of the house is worn and ready to fall apart.

That wouldn’t make sense, would you agree?

This is how vital SEO optimization of your website is. For this, you have to identify the keywords on which you want to position yourself.

For example, you are a CGPI in Bordeaux, let’s think logically “SEO wealth management”, a potential client will type as keywords:

  • Where to find good financial investment advisory professionals
  • tax exemption in Lahore
  • Invest in real estate in Karachi
  • etc.

You get the idea; you have to imagine what people are looking for and optimize your content accordingly.

To optimize this content with the chosen keywords, there are several steps to check: See the infographic below.

I recommend hiring a professional for this step if you don’t have anyone in-house to do it. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

5. Have a clear site structure for optimal navigation

Ergonomics. This is what I am looking for in a visitor to your website.

The goal of a person looking for a wealth management advisor is above all to find what he is looking for; optimize its heritage, pass on its heritage, tax exemption, etc.

Therefore, it is necessary that the visitor can understand where to find his information at a glance.

Here is an example :

  • Home
  • Who are we: our firm, our approach, our teams, our partners, etc.
  • YOUR objectives: build up assets, reduce your taxes, invest in real estate, etc.
  • OUR solutions: life insurance, SCPI, PEA, private equity, etc.
  • Blog
  • Contact

Thus, you have a clear and airy site structure, which will facilitate the visitor’s navigation on the one hand and a perfect sitemap for Google robots that crawl your site to know your content and index it in search results.

6. Keep a blog

I can understand, blogging or writing “tip sheets” can seem time-consuming. However, you have to think about customer perception and the value delivered.

By now, everyone has heard of cryptocurrencies, but no one knows how or what it is.

By writing an article on this subject by addressing the definition and decryption of crypto-currencies, on the one hand, you position your firm as an expert and also provide practical information to visitors to your site who will thus be more likely to turn into a customer.

7. Be active on social networks

The debate around the impact of social networks on SEO is raging among SEO specialists.

The key point is to be present on the platforms. You have to promote every piece of content you produce.

You participate in an event, make a video, and publish it on Youtube and then on all other platforms.

Youtube is now the second most powerful search engine behind Google (and Youtube is owned by Google).

The goal is to show people your added value as an independent wealth management advisor.

Nowadays, being active on social networks is essential and, above all, an unparalleled way to draw attention to your wealth management firm. Do not ignore this chance!

8. Customer reviews

Reviews always scare businesses because customers are always more likely to leave a bad review than a positive one.

However, did you know that customer reviews matter a lot in improving your SEO?

Encourage your clients to leave positive comments on the different platforms on which your firm is present, Google, Facebook, Yellow Pages, TrustPilot …

This user-generated content will deliver wonderful positive returns on your SEO.

Plus, if your competition is doing it, why can’t you?

It’s amazing the influence these little stars have on people in choosing a business or not. ( 6 out of 10 people look at Google reviews )

Above all, when a customer leaves a comment, don’t forget to respond to them positively or negatively. It shows that you are close and attentive to your customers. visit union complex to see the reviews of customers.

9. Participate in events of your profession

Sponsoring or participating in an event such as  Patrimonia or the CNCGP congress is not just beneficial for increasing your brand image; it is also a smart way to improve your SEO. Without even being an exhibitor at a trade fair, you can, for example, contact the person in charge of press relations and ask for the possibility of publishing an article on the event’s blog. Thus, you will have the link to your website, which will appear on the event’s site in question. It doesn’t cost a thing to try!

As backlinks (links on other sites pointing to your site) being a major factor in SEO, these links to specialized sites with significant domain authority can greatly improve your popularity on Google – the overall trust can define a domain authority that search engines place in a website –


You now have nine actions to take to improve your position in Google search results.

I am aware that even after reading this article, you will still be skeptical, and you will ask yourself the question:

Why would I invest in SEO, and especially is it worth it?

Let’s do quick math.

1 st  result Google takes 30% of clicks

the 2nd  takes about 15%

the 3 rd, 10% clicks

So if you are not in the top 3, you already have 55% of potential customers going directly to the competition. ( figures as of June 2018 ).

Still not convinced? Do you think it doesn’t make much difference to be well placed in Google?

I have a question for you.

Tell me the last time you searched for information on Google? So…

Second question.

What link did you click on?

I’m not reading your mind, but I think you understand the importance of having top SEO wealth management.

Finally, if you still have doubts about SEO’s effectiveness, I have one last question: how did you end up on this page?

Five tips for opening a fruit juice bar

The industrial trend for the juice bar began to develop in the mid -the 1990s. Consumers concerned about the products they consume want to quickly drink healthy and energetic drinks. Some brands have taken hold of this new “healthy” mode of consumption, a hit.

Do you have good interpersonal skills and like to introduce others to new taste experiences? Does the idea of setting up a leaked project inspire you and fill you with joy? Why not create your juice bar? Such a project will require a significant investment on your part, but once the administrative and organizational obstacles have been overcome, you will be absorbed by this challenge!

Discover five tips for opening a juice bar …

(N ° 1) Find a concept of juice

Before investing in equipment, you have to think of a juice concept that would attract many employees, students, tourists at lunchtime or even in the evening. Each juice food bar has its specialty: Natural Groove has set up one of the first food drinks, a company sells organic juices in unique, authentic decor, By offers vegetable juices to its customers, some presents gluten-free seasonal juices or Shake Eat which makes passers-by taste tonic juices thanks to fusion cuisine, etc. These juices finally come in several concepts: detox, delight, etc.

To find a juice concept that you could develop, you need to analyze the fruit juice that sells the best in a particular geographic area. It is also imperative to find a relevant audience and to adapt to its target. By marketing fruit juices, you are targeting athletes who promote a healthy diet, young children and students, women who want to take care of themselves, as well as pregnant women who turn to natural products. Finally, for funding issues, the ingredients used will be frozen, organic, from sustainable agriculture., etc.

(N ° 2) Anticipate costs

Before setting up your juice bar, it is necessary to acquire equipment.

The most important investment refers to the acquisition of commercial premises. It is necessary to foresee the real estate cost, which will be evaluated between 20,000 and 50,000 $—the room measures’ average size between 10 and 30m². The latter can be bought or rented. If the premises have been purchased, you will have freedom in the choice of design and decoration. The appearance should attract and make consumers want to consume in your juice bar.

It is essential to forecast the cost of supplies. First, the ingredients: the cost of these depends on their quality. They will be cheaper if they are frozen and vice versa if they are organic. Be careful not to buy too many groceries at once, as fresh ingredients quickly perishable. Second, the cost of industrial kitchen equipment. The latter refers to the acquisition of mixers juicers, juicers, refrigerated containers, jar rinses, cup dispensers, etc.

The investment is very high at start-up, this is due to the price of the rent of the commercial premises, the salaries of the employee (s), the purchases of raw materials, etc.

(N ° 3) Find a good location

Undertaking tourism, particularly in a fruit juice bar, involves finding an accessible and visible location in a high-traffic area. It is necessary to market juices in premises located at high traffic axes such as a leisure center, a shopping center, a university campus, a fitness center, etc.

(N ° 4) Establish your pricing

The average price of juice in Paris is around $ 6. The juice bars offer smoothies, organic or non-organic juices with prices between 4 and 8 $. Some bars are in partnership with local producers, associations, etc.

While outside the metropolises, smaller towns offer small-sized juices around $ 3, medium-sized at $ 3.75, and large-sized juices close to $ 5.

(N ° 5) Find out about the administrative procedures to follow

First, it is imperative to choose a legal status and legally declare your business to the center for business formalities (CFE).

To develop your commercial activity, you will have to buy goodwill or acquire a right to lease if you become the rental contract owner or even buy the premises.

A juice bar only sells non-alcoholic drinks. Since June 2011, the sale of non-alcoholic drinks no longer requires a license. However, if you want your drinks to be taken away, it is imperative to contact your town hall to obtain a take-out license.

You must register and pay the annual fee if you choose to play music in your bar. The construction of a terrace requires authorization from the town hall. To obtain the authorization, you will have to pay a fee, the price of which depends on the size of the terrace, the number of pedestrians on the street, the exhibition, etc.

To run an effective business, you may contact a juice bar business plan.

Brain Cancer


Brain cancer is a cancerous tumor of the brain. Whether located in the brain or elsewhere in the body, a tumor is made up of a mass of cells that multiply on their own and uncontrolled. Tumors can be benign or malignant.

Benign brain tumors are abnormal accumulations of cells that multiply slowly and often remain isolated from surrounding normal brain tissue. These tumors grow slowly, do not spread to other parts of the brain, and are usually easier to excise than malignant tumors. Malignant tumors multiply and grow rapidly. It is difficult to delineate these tumors from the surrounding normal brain tissue. For this reason, it is difficult to excise them completely without damaging the surrounding brain tissue.

Benign and malignant tumors can be recovered by Recovery Groups, depending on the type of cells they originate from.

Benign tumors can be classified as follows:

  • chordomas, the origin of which lies in embryonic cells of the spinal cord or the base of the cranial nerve;
  • hemangioblastomas, which start in the blood vessels;
  • meningiomas, starting in the membrane covering the brain;
  • osteomas, in the bones of the skull;
  • pinealomas, in the pineal gland;
  • pituitary adenomas, in the pituitary gland;
  • schwannomas, in the cells that surround the nerves.

Some types of tumors, such as meningiomas (originating in the meninges, the lining surrounding the brain) or germ cell tumors, can be benign in some cases and malignant in others.


The exact cause of cancer remains unknown. A primary brain tumor is a cancer of the brain that starts in the brain itself. It can spread to surrounding areas of the brain and destroy them. Cancer of the breast, lung, skin, or blood cells (leukemia or lymphoma) can also spread ( metastasize ) to the brain, causing metastatic brain cancer. These cancer cells can then multiply in a single region or several parts of the brain.

Some of the known risk factors for brain cancer include:

  • a history of radiation to the head;
  • immunosuppression (e.g., people taking drugs that weaken the immune system, people with HIV, AIDS);
  • exposure to vinyl chloride (a chemical used in the manufacture of plastics.

Symptoms And Complications

Brain cancer causes symptoms when it puts pressure on the brain or destroys brain tissue. Signs depend on the position and size of the tumor and how quickly it is growing.

Although headaches are often a symptom of brain cancer, it is important to remember that most headaches are not caused by cancer but are caused by less serious conditions like migraine or blood pressure. . Headaches from a brain tumor are often severe, associated with nausea and vomiting, and are often more severe at the start of the day. They can last a long time or occur intermittently.

Other symptoms include:

  • dizziness;
  • vision disturbances such as double vision;
  • coordination disorders;
  • weakness or numbness on one side of the body;
  • seizures;
  • changes in mood, senses, personality, or feelings;
  • memory impairment;
  • confusion or difficulty concentrating.


The presence of the above symptoms could lead a doctor to suspect brain cancer. A computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the first examination to be performed to properly diagnose brain cancer, whatever the type. These specialized x-ray exams can detect many types of brain tumors and determine their location and size precisely. However, they do not determine whether the tumor is cancerous or not.

A biopsy should be taken to determine if the tumor is cancerous. To do this, a sample of the tumor is taken during surgery. If the tumor is located too deep in the brain, surgeons may use a stereotaxic biopsy or three-dimensional needle placement technique.

This technique involves using an MRI to create a three-dimensional image of the brain, which is then used to guide a needle contained in a special case to the appropriate region of the brain. Tumor cells are aspirated and collected in the needle for analysis. Once collected, the biopsy sample is analyzed using microscopes and special chemicals to determine the tumor type. It usually takes some days to get the results of a biopsy.

Cells from brain tumors can sometimes be collected from cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), a special fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. The CSF is removed using a fine needle inserted into the lower part of the back, under local anesthesia; this is called a lumbar puncture.

This procedure cannot be performed when too much pressure builds up in the brain. This is because the change in brain pressure resulting from the puncture could cause part of the brain tissue to be aspirated towards the skull base, leading to serious complications.

Treatment and Prevention

Brain cancers are usually treated with a combined strategy of surgery, chemotherapy (anticancer drugs), and radiation, along with the administration of drugs to control symptoms.

Large doses of steroids are frequently administered during the radiation period to decrease the swelling caused by the tumor. This will often help relieve all or at least some of the symptoms but will not affect the tumor itself. Anticonvulsant drugs can be used to prevent seizures.

Surgery is done to remove as much of the cancerous tissue as possible. Some brain cancers are located in areas surgeons cannot reach without damaging other important parts of the brain. In these cases, it is often superior not to operate on the patient. Even when surgery does not completely excise the tumor, it can shrink the size and relieve some of the symptoms, making other treatments more effective.

Surgery is usually followed by radiation and chemotherapy. These procedures will most of the time not cure brain cancer, but they will keep the tumor under control for months.

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